Hosting Flask Application on Digital Ocean

September 20th 2017 - Hosting Flask Application on Digital Ocean Droplets

Reading + Setup + Testing time: ~ 30 minutes

Hello there! This blog post is a tutorial of sorts (more of a collection) on how to host a flask application on Digital Ocean Droplets. For folks who don't know what Digital ocean droplets are:
Droplets are virtual servers in DigitalOcean (DO).

I have always admired the documentation and support for digital ocean. Any how-tos for linux systems, you can definitely find something related on DO. After an attempt to host my website on my Raspberry pi went vain due to handling of traffic, I started thinking of an alternate solution. That's when I thought of DO.

I thought getting this going would be super complicated but it was just the opposite. Here's my experience with setup:

That's it!!

So if you want to create a flask application or any application within matter of few minutes, DO is the way to go!
You can get started with a droplet at $5/month. They also have credit promotions and referrals.

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